Wednesday 22nd September

Reminder – Wednesday 22nd September

Lunchtime session 12:30 – meet at our usual place in the railway station carpark

Evening session 18:45 –

C25K BEGINNERS ONLY – meet at the recreation ground car park

All OTHER RUNNERS – meet at the railway station car park.

Now that it is getting darker in the evening, it is time to look out your headlights and hi-viz clothing. The best clothing is both hi-viz, to be seen in low light, and reflective, to shine in car headlights.

One thought on “Wednesday 22nd September

  1. Hi Callum, good for you completing the 20 minutes run for week 6. For runs 2 and 3 of this week you can choose to repeat 20 minutes run again, or do Week 6 run 2 (the one with 2 X 10 minutes interval) then 20 mins run for the 3rd run.

    Hello Sheila Unfortunately, I won’t make Wednesday evening’s C25K session. So I have completed the 20 minute jog today. I will keep up my runs between now and next week. See you a week on Wednesday. Cheers Calum

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