Couch to 5K Week 6

Couch to 5K Week 6

We had a small gathering last night, but well done to all those who joined Joolz and Raye and ran for 20 minutes non-stop! Don’t worry if you missed this week’s group run. Recover, if you are absent due to illness, then go out and jog for 20 minutes, with or without the app. If you missed last week too, and have not be out for a jog, then try a couple of sessions where you jog 10 mins, walk 3 mins, jog 10 mins. Then try our week 6 session as below. (This is Week 5, run 3 on the app.)

Runs two and three for this week are a repeat of yesterday. That is: Warm up exercises. Then begin with a brisk five-minute walk, then 20 mins of jogging, 5 minutes cool down walk. Post run stretches.

Remember: go slow. If you are struggling to keep going for the required time, SLOW DOWN. Yes, running is quite hard for some people at first, and never truly easy for many, but you shouldn’t feel like it’s about to kill you.

Also remember: Even as you get stronger, you will have good run days and some bad run days. This happens to everyone, no matter how long we’ve been running. If you have a bad run day, chalk it up to experience and move on.

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