Couch to 5K ‘newbies’ run 5K

Massive congratulations to all the ‘Class of 2021’ Couch to 5K members who ran a whole 5K on Wednesday evening.

A new distance PB (Personal Best) for many and a return to running fitness for others.

As is traditional, we celebrated their achievement with cake and biscuits. Thank you to all who brought along baked goodies, which were enjoyed by all.

Very many thanks to Raye Smillie and Sara Simpson for their help as assistant leaders over the past 10 weeks!

To all who were able to join us on Wednesday evening, and those who missed this week’s session, or more, this is not the end. This is the beginning of your running journey.

If anyone feels they’ve got behind with the C25K plan, don’t worry as we jog leaders have plans to help you. Joolz and I will still be leading you on Wednesday evenings, but as two groups, to be more manegable as we run around and about the village in the dark evenings. Joolz plans to offer a group who will be running using jog:walk intervals. I’ll let her explain shortly.

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