Wednesday 22nd December – Santa Hat Runs

Lunchtime session 12:30 – meet in the railway station car park.

Thom and Elaine will offer 2 different paced groups.

Wear a Santa hat, or full-on costume, if you wish!

Evening session 18:45 – meet at the railway station car park

There will be the usual four groups running different paces and covering about 3 miles / 4 miles / 5 miles / 6 miles.

Sheila will take the ‘Jeffing’ group, that is running with a mixture of short jog:walk intervals. We’ll do about 3 miles (5 km). I’ll be relying on you all to show me the best festive light displays since I’ve not run around the village so far in December.

Margaret will take the group running about 4 miles group (7 km)

Sara will lead the group running about 5 miles. (8 km)

Jon will take the group who usually run about 6+ miles (10 km)

Wear a Santa hat, or full-on festive garb if you wish and we’ll get a socially-distanced group photo before we set off. We’ve taken the decision not to offer festive nibbles after the run, as we feel with the current conditions this would not be appropriate

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